E-commerce services are our mission. Where did this idea come from?

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Zadzwoń do nas: +48 68 451 16 06

EUROCOMMERCE is a brand of ECE Logistics Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. whose roots in the logistics market date back to 2006. Cooperation with companies such as Audi, Mercedes, Airbus, Orsay, Claas, Ontour and a fleet of approx. 150 vehicles gives us a stable basis and invaluable experience in the logistics market.

Services for the e-commerce industry, whose dynamic growth sets new paths also for the rules of distribution, is another natural direction of the development of our business. E-commerce is the future of sales, no one can deny it today. We want to be an active participant.

High quality, time and cost requirements are our everyday life, we are supported in this by an efficiently functioning supply chain, strictly focused and developed to serve the e-commerce market. The main pillars of high-quality service for online stores are modern warehouses, designed and equipped with e-commerce in mind, and its own international courier service supported by a fleet of vehicles that can also handle atypical transports."

Usługi dla e-commerce: przesyłki i obsługa logistyczna magazynu.
Whait is our core business?
We provide comprehensive logistics services for stores operating in the area of e-commerce. By using our warehouse space, you can entrust us with the complete handling of orders from your e-store. We provide integration of the warehouse system with your store, handling of deliveries and returns as well as shipments to customers at attractive prices.
Our history
Over 15 years of experience in the transport market and thousands of served clients have helped us define what good logistics is. Using our experience and know-how, we can offer you the highest quality of services. You do not have to coordinate the work of several suppliers - we will carry out all the processes in your store. We provide comprehensive services for e-commerce.
Our mission: e-commerce support
We will help you to scall your business on next markets. Do you want to develop faster? Write to us, we will help you jump to a higher level of e-commerce logistics, while ensuring peace of mind and the conviction that you have a reliable business partner.

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