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IT systems in logistics and warehousing – what role do they play?

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IT systems are now an integral part of warehouse logistics. They are the foundation of effective process management in this area. The use of

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If you sell furniture in the e-commerce model, you must read this text. Here you will find information and tips that can help you to increase your income.

Surely you are wondering how to spread your company's wings and start selling on new markets. Maybe it is worth to consider a foreign direction as an element of development?

Start of foreign sales

Why aren't you selling internationally yet? Perhaps this 3 biggest problems, which sellers face sending orders XXL, are holding you back:

  • complicated and expensive international delivery - you think that expensive pallet shipments are necessary to protect the goods from damage. Shipments in the courier model are not always possible, and if the courier company accepts dimensions of this type of parcels, they are reloaded many times, which means that they do not always reach the customer in perfect condition...
  • lack of knowledge of languages that would allow for efficient sales service, and then after-sales customer service,
  • lack of idea how to start building your possition of foreign market.

It is a pity, because the market of our neighbor, just beyond the western border, is still the absolute top among the directions of expansion.

If your company is not ready to prepare this project on its own, we offer assistance in solving the biggest of these problems, i.e. deliveries in Germany.

We will deliver your furniture!

If you are still hesitating, check out what solutions we have prepared.

Our deliveries ensure:

  • transport without pallets (unless you consider it as necessary),
  • without reloading on the route from our warehouse to the customer's home,
  • delivery with our own fleet,
  • setting delivery date with the customer,
  • if you wish we can help the client to carry the goods from the truck to his home.

Thanks to such solutions, we reduce the risk of damage, and the customer will be served comprehensively!

Need some help? Contact us!

  If you sell furniture in the e-commerce model, you must read this text. Here you will find information and tips that can help

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