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Technologies supporting fulfillment: an overview of available solutions - In: all, last published

IT systems in logistics and warehousing – what role do they play?

Kategoria : last published, News Komentarze : 0 Autor : KMMF Data : 10 Jun 2024

IT systems are now an integral part of warehouse logistics. They are the foundation of effective process management in this area. The use of

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Kategoria : all, last published Komentarze : 0 Autor : KMMF Data : 10 Jul 2023

Robotization and computerization have long gained a strong position in the industry. Logistics is not lagging behind in the use of technology achievements. A fulfillment service tailored to the customer's needs would not be possible without the appropriate technological facilities. Customers require high standards and facilities that will allow for fast and error-free shipment of goods, which translates into trouble-free sales, often in many channels at the same time. Omnichannel is practically a standard today.

Today, modern warehouses often use various technical solutions to provide efficient service and fast shipment of products.

What amenities appear in the warehouse?

IT systems

Let's start with the IT systems necessary for the operation of the warehouse for the fulfillment service.

A must have in every modern warehouse is the WMS warehouse system, which allows you to optimize and manage warehouse processes. Its main function is to connect all levels of warehouse logistics. The WMS system can also be integrated with other systems, such as ERP systems or transport management solutions. The WMS should ensure the automation of order management and the organization of warehouse work at the highest level, as is the case in EUROCOMMERCE.

Warehouse automation

The automation of warehouse processes allows you to streamline the handling of online store customer orders. What is hidden behind the concept of warehouse automation? It is a very broad concept, covering many issues.

In this regard, the following can be distinguished:

  • Conveyors used to transport containers, pallets and packages in a warehouse.
  • Sorters, intended for sorting goods and containers during transport.
  • The shuttle system is a modern solution that is used to store goods in huge rack systems without access for people. The pallets or containers in which the goods are stored are transported from the racking system to the picking or issuing zones, depending on the system configuration.
  • Elevator/carousel racks are used to store typically luxury products. Thanks to this solution, only a designated group of employees has access to the goods.
  • Flow/moving racks – on one side they are loaded with pallets, on the other side these pallets are picked up.
  • Robots for the transport of racks, in this case the rule of picking goods to a person is used, thanks to which the density of racks in the warehouse can be increased - the so-called picker - a person to pick orders.

In addition to innovations in the field of storage and transport of goods in the warehouse, there are also solutions that facilitate the identification of goods and their flawless picking by the staff, such as:

  • RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) – pallets marked with rfid tags can be transported by a forklift equipped with a reader. The forklift operator does not need to scan such pallets because the system knows what kind of pallet it is when it is loaded onto the forks. After transporting it, e.g. to the gate, the scanners on the gate read such a pallet (there are many possibilities of using such tags),
  • Pick by light or pack by light systems are a solution that supports people in picking and packing, indicating a specific product or place with light.
  • Pick/pack by voice voice systems, in headphones, the warehouse worker hears a message about what to pick.

These are just some of the modern systems supporting work in logistics centers. Equipping the warehouse of the future will be fundamental to its proper operation. EUROCOMMERCE is constantly developing its base so that all processes run smoothly, using solutions that are best suited to the specificity of the fulfillment center.

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Robotization and computerization have long gained a strong position in the industry. Logistics is not lagging behind in the use of technology achievements. A

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